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What Are Franchise SEO services?

Franchise SEO is the process of getting your franchise website to rank at the top of search engine results.

As the foundation of digital marketing, it plays a critical role in leading prospects to your website and converting them into paying customers, either directly online or as foot traffic visiting your brick-and-mortar stores.

Since franchisors and their franchisees may have different goals, their SEO strategies can differ, depending on whether they are promoting the entire corporate brand or individual franchise locations.


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What Our Franchise SEO Services Include

Our comprehensive franchise SEO services include a range of processes and tactics to optimize your online presence and represent your franchise according to search engine and consumer expectations.

KSS Next Technologies Digital Marketing grows your business through digital channels by reaching the most qualified prospects across multiple touchpoints to nudge them down the sales funnel. We make sure that when potential customers discover you online, they’re compelled to walk through your franchise doors.

Franchise SEO Strategy

We tailor our franchise SEO to serve a specific franchise or multiple markets. By optimizing technical website infrastructure, branding, your product and service catalog, and other variables, our franchise SEO experts develop a cohesive and successful search engine optimization strategy that attracts data-driven leads.

Our comprehensive SEO strategies easily balance your marketing requirements with the needs of individual businesses or franchise groups. With cutting-edge techniques and methodologies, KSS Next Technologies franchise SEO targets all aspects of the marketing funnel, effectively converting leads into loyal customers.

Targeted Keyword Research

Choosing the right target keywords isn’t just about knowing which terms are searched for most often, it also entails discerning how to rank for a target keyword with the right intent. KSS Next Technologies’s expertise, combined with bespoke keyword research tools, focuses on finding the commercial terms your franchise needs to target to improve organic traffic.

We segment hundreds of thousands of keywords on a granular level to identify the right keyword combination that informs PPC campaign builds, social media strategies, buyer persona development, and website architecture recommendations.

Technical SEO Services

Improving the navigational experience and accessibility of your web pages ensures they perform at their maximum potential and gain maximum visibility in search results to help you compete against others in the franchise industry.

Our SEO specialists provide intelligent solutions to technical website challenges and are experienced in managing website migrations. They identify and fix both simple and complex technical errors that prevent franchise businesses from achieving success online.

Local SEO for Franchises

The most common way customers find businesses on the internet is by searching for them on Google. Consequently, local SEO for franchises captures potential customers in your franchise’s local area, leading to more in-store foot traffic.

With expertise in delivering consistent NAPs, citations, Google My Business profiles, review management, and relevant backlink acquisitions, our SEO company allows your franchise to rank locally, making it more easily discoverable by new customers.

Content Marketing Strategy

Consistently creating and optimizing high-value content with relevant keywords should be non-negotiable for all eCommerce stores. Done right, content marketing delivers value to your target audience and makes them want to engage with your business.

KSS Next Technologies’s digital strategists and content creators work together to produce content that builds consumer trust, brand credibility, and loyal customer relationships. We keep the conversation fresh, helpful, and engaging between brands and consumers.

Google Maps Optimization

75% of users who search for local products on Google, end up visiting businesses on the same day. A well-developed Google Maps listing maximizes how often your franchise shows up on local searches and increases business exposure.

Our team specializes in Google Maps optimization for franchises and multi-location brands, with the goal of getting them to ranking in the Google 3-Pack—the prime spot for local business searches. We develop customer review campaigns, geo-targeted landing pages, and follow local SEO best practices to grow your local customer base.

Link Building Strategy

Franchise websites with high-quality, relevant inbound links from reputable sources signal trustworthiness to search engines and rank higher in search results. Our franchise SEO link-building strategies utilize guest blogging, and the clever use of anchor text to grow your digital presence.

Building links that resonate in SERPs and boost organic traffic is challenging, but our white hat approach earns our clients links from the best sites online. We only target websites with a high domain authority through targeted outreach and quality content marketing.

Full On-page SEO Services

Optimizing page-specific elements like title tags, alt tags, headings and internal links with keywords helps search engines identify when your website is relevant to a searcher’s query and improves its ranking in SERPs.

We also optimize structured data to target rich snippets that add visual interest, more information, and greater utility for searchers, which increases your website’s overall organic click-through rates.

Franchise Marketing Strategy

KSS Next Technologies offers comprehensive digital marketing services from lead generation to content marketing, reputation management and social media promotion that generates a profitable ROI for franchise owners.

Whether you own a single business or the franchise itself, our online marketing tells a single brand story across multiple campaigns to promote your business and accelerate its growth in the regions where it operates.

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How Much Do Franchise SEO Services Cost?

The cost of franchise SEO services varies depending on whether you’re engaging in operational franchise marketing or franchise development marketing, or both.

Coupled with this is the current state of your current franchise SEO efforts, as well as industry competition and how offensive you want your digital marketing to be.

Some franchises adopt the slow and steady approach, while others hit the ground running. There is no standard formula; only what’s right for your specific business goals.

No matter which you choose; digital marketing, and especially SEO, are the best business investments. Industry reports indicate the average ROI ranges from $3.75 to $7.00 for every $1.

Our tailored SEO solutions typically cost from $1,500 to over $6,000 per month. The amount directly correlates with the aggressiveness of your franchise SEO strategy. Best of all? We guarantee 100% success!

Why KSS Next Technologies Is the Right Marketing Agency for You

KSS Next Technologies is one of the best digital marketing agencies nationwide, that also offers service to businesses nationwide. To guarantee your success we follow a few simple rules:

  • A new project is never taken on unless we have a written plan to deliver results.
  • Our team analyzes our clients’ data and determines precisely how our services will help them grow.
  • Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we guarantee the results of our work.
  • Our team of digital marketing experts is your partner for long-term success, delivering an inbound strategy that delivers on your business goals.

Customer Centric Team

There are no two businesses alike. Due to this, we tailor each of our solutions specifically to meet your needs and goals. Organizing our KPIs according to the needs of our customers is our approach. Every month, we provide clients with Search Engine Optimization reports packed with information, so they can see the progress we are making. While making decisions, we always keep the wishes of our customers in mind, and everything we do is transparent.

ROI-Driven Services

KSS Next Technologies understands the primary concern of a client is getting tangible results. The goal of every business is to grow. The return on investment is particularly important when evaluating the work of marketing agencies. We understand that no one just wants to burn their money. Among the solutions, KSS Next Technologies focuses on are SEO, PPC, graphic design services, email marketing, and online content marketing. We can create sizeable growth for your business with impressive returns using these tools.


Team of Experts

We have an extensive and diverse team of experienced online marketing professionals at KSS Next Technologies. Our professionals come from all areas of the digital marketing world. Looking for an SEO expert? Look no further. Need a writer? Would you like someone to design a great website for you that is search engine-friendly? Our experts can help you with that, too! Our team has won numerous awards for excellence from companies such as Clutch, UpCity, FWA, and others. Any digital marketing issue you may have can be handled by us.

Advanced and Detailed Reporting

In every internet marketing campaign, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and research. We make sure to thoroughly understand your industry, competitors, and customers when we are taking over an existing campaign or starting a new one.

We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate your campaigns with the help of analytics and data. In order to maximize exposure, lead generation, and ROI, we never stop improving until the campaign is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Franchise SEO Services

Research. Strategy. Action. Tracking Growth. To develop a successful website and digital marketing campaign, we follow these steps. To create business growth plans that will prove successful in our client’s current competitive industry landscape, our Chicago, IL digital agency identifies and research their pain points. The next step is to develop marketing strategies to overcome any potential obstacles along the way to meeting our clients’ revenue targets. The third step is to implement the strategy as quickly, strategically, and efficiently as possible among all possible marketing channels. Lastly, our we must be accountable for our performance based on the established KPIs and adjust the plan accordingly.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we serve clients in a wide range of industries. Our services extend beyond B2B and B2C eCommerce to manufacturers, medical providers, real estate agents, senior living facilities, local businesses, legal professionals, and a wide variety of other businesses. Our goals, however, are always the same— to deliver real, tangible results. That’s why we never take on a project or client in an industry unless we can prove to them how we will succeed.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right web development and marketing agency. You should consider hiring an advertising agency that works within your guidelines, is transparent, and stands behind its work. This is what makes us different. We are one of the select few digital marketing agencies that guarantee quality work. As a result, we stand behind the work our team accomplishes, ensuring that clients will see results. After two consecutive months of providing our guaranteed package, we move to the full rate we had negotiated once we achieve our goals. Contact us to find out if you qualify.

Our team is nothing short of world-class. Each is an expert in their own field. This includes search engine optimization to web design, content marketing to business strategy, social media marketing to lead conversion, digital advertising, and much more. Moreover, as a client, you won’t have to outsource your website development or marketing. In addition to providing cost-effective growth strategies for your revenue, our team does all our work in-house. We offer guarantee packages for select clients. After two consecutive months of meeting targets, we start with half the budget, then switch to the full rate. Contact us to see if you qualify.

It is important to consider many factors when planning a marketing campaign, as every business is unique. Do you prefer to grow your business gradually but steadily or aggressively? Do you plan to include many complicated features on the website, or will it be mostly for the purpose of providing information? Each of these factors affects your overall costs. In general, high-performance websites cost between $10,000 and $40,000. Your current website’s quality and performance will determine the price of digital marketing solutions. Depending on the client, the monthly cost can range from $2,500 to over $10,000. Our marketing budget averages $4,000 per month.

A web design and development project typically yields results within a short period. However, some elements of your digital marketing strategy will take time to yield results. Within 90 days of starting an SEO campaign, we typically see tangible results, accompanied by a steady rise in sales. However, you can begin seeing results from PPC campaigns within a month. It is critical to remember that each of your marketing tactics has a place in your overall strategy, so don’t overlook SEO or content because of their longer ramp-up time. Our team will gladly explain the reasons behind this to you during your consultation.


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