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Local SEO is the Key to Attracting Real-World Customers

With approximately 93% of consumers in the U.S. utilizing search engines to find local businesses online, a strong digital presence in your region is key. Our local SEO company will help your local business show up first on more of those searches. Whether you’re a coffee shop or an air duct repair service, local SEO is key to growing your business.


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Our Approach to Local SEO Solutions

KSS Next Technologies is a local SEO company, and we include a number of services that can help your campaign, including:

Creating and Maintaining Local Citations

We at KSS Next Technologies understand that local listing citations are one of the crucial elements that can make or break a business’s online presence.

To maximize your local exposure our local search expert will audit citations across all relevant categories, edit current citations to accurately display your current Name-Address-Phone Number (NAP) and, of course, create new citations!

Local Content Creation

Content is king. We understand it extremely well. Our team of in-house content writers can create the content that will put you at the top of search engines.

With will help your website will reach the top of local search rankings, create landing pages relevant to local searches and write blogs and specialized articles to improve your overall SEO.


Optimizing Your Google Business Profile Account

Google Business Profile is a great tool and it can help you tremendously when working on your local outreach.

It doesn’t look like a tremendous task: claim your GBP map listings, update all of your information, and make sure your GBPB page is ready for backlinks. But it takes time. And our local SEO experts here can help you with exactly that – saving that precious time by doing it ourselves.


Optimizing Your Website

Website is the face of your business. It drives sales and attracts new customers. If you want to be successful you need a good website.

Our in-house experts at KSS Next Technologies can help you with that. They will perform local SEO maintenance to help with local rankings, get your reviews on search results, and design high quality, relevant landing pages

Building Local Links

Link building helps you build online authority. google stats to see your website as more important and as a result, you get better rankings.

Here at KSS Next Technologies, we know exactly how to connect with you with local platforms and business listing to get high quality, relevant links, maintain link health to ensure maximum SEO boost, prune old links and build new ones


Optimizing for Maps and Mobile

A lot of local searches come from people looking for goods and services on the map, via apps like Google maps. So you need to pay special attention to your map information

KSS Next Technologies can make sure your Google Maps (and local diretories) information is accurate, your business shows up on mobile searches and maximize your website traffic through all local channels.

Get a Complementary Local SEO Audit

Our SEO professionals will look at where your website can improve local search results and provide a detailed report.


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Cost of Local SEO Services

For many businesses local SEO is a core component of their overall digital marketing campaigns. We begin with a complete industry and local market analysis to create a local SEO strategy that will be effective for your business.

Typically our clients invest anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 per month on their SEO campaigns. We also offer packages and custom pricing for larger or more complex projects.

Why KSS Next Technologies Is the Right Marketing Agency for You

KSS Next Technologies is one of the best digital marketing agencies nationwide, that also offers service to businesses nationwide. To guarantee your success we follow a few simple rules:

  • A new project is never taken on unless we have a written plan to deliver results.
  • Our team analyzes our clients’ data and determines precisely how our services will help them grow.
  • Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we guarantee the results of our work.
  • Our team of digital marketing experts is your partner for long-term success, delivering an inbound strategy that delivers on your business goals.

Increase Your Digital Presence for Local Customers

Most searches for local businesses lead to a sale. By optimizing your business for local search, you ensure that you’re showing up on page 1 of search results and pulling in real customers.


Local SEO Increases Traffic and Sales

Getting web traffic from local consumers has a much higher potential of resulting in a sale than from broad consumers. Local SEO services will help bring in those local leads to boost your bottom line.


Focus Your Campaigns Close to Home

Local search is about more than including your address on your web page. By tailoring content, keywords, and web design to your business’s geographic location, we run a precise campaign for your business.


Stand out from Your Competition

Local search engine optimization is a new development in the digital marketing space, so you can come out ahead of your competitors by adopting a concise strategy now.



Frequently Asked Questions about Local SEO Services

Research. Strategy. Action. Tracking Growth. To develop a successful website and digital marketing campaign, we follow these steps. To create business growth plans that will prove successful in our client’s current competitive industry landscape, our Chicago, IL digital agency identifies and research their pain points. The next step is to develop marketing strategies to overcome any potential obstacles along the way to meeting our clients’ revenue targets. The third step is to implement the strategy as quickly, strategically, and efficiently as possible among all possible marketing channels. Lastly, our we must be accountable for our performance based on the established KPIs and adjust the plan accordingly.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we serve clients in a wide range of industries. Our services extend beyond B2B and B2C eCommerce to manufacturers, medical providers, real estate agents, senior living facilities, local businesses, legal professionals, and a wide variety of other businesses. Our goals, however, are always the same— to deliver real, tangible results. That’s why we never take on a project or client in an industry unless we can prove to them how we will succeed.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right web development and marketing agency. You should consider hiring an advertising agency that works within your guidelines, is transparent, and stands behind its work. This is what makes us different. We are one of the select few digital marketing agencies that guarantee quality work. As a result, we stand behind the work our team accomplishes, ensuring that clients will see results. After two consecutive months of providing our guaranteed package, we move to the full rate we had negotiated once we achieve our goals. Contact us to find out if you qualify.

Our team is nothing short of world-class. Each is an expert in their own field. This includes search engine optimization to web design, content marketing to business strategy, social media marketing to lead conversion, digital advertising, and much more. Moreover, as a client, you won’t have to outsource your website development or marketing. In addition to providing cost-effective growth strategies for your revenue, our team does all our work in-house. We offer guarantee packages for select clients. After two consecutive months of meeting targets, we start with half the budget, then switch to the full rate. Contact us to see if you qualify.

It is important to consider many factors when planning a marketing campaign, as every business is unique. Do you prefer to grow your business gradually but steadily or aggressively? Do you plan to include many complicated features on the website, or will it be mostly for the purpose of providing information? Each of these factors affects your overall costs. In general, high-performance websites cost between $10,000 and $40,000. Your current website’s quality and performance will determine the price of digital marketing solutions. Depending on the client, the monthly cost can range from $2,500 to over $10,000. Our marketing budget averages $4,000 per month.

A web design and development project typically yields results within a short period. However, some elements of your digital marketing strategy will take time to yield results. Within 90 days of starting an SEO campaign, we typically see tangible results, accompanied by a steady rise in sales. However, you can begin seeing results from PPC campaigns within a month. It is critical to remember that each of your marketing tactics has a place in your overall strategy, so don’t overlook SEO or content because of their longer ramp-up time. Our team will gladly explain the reasons behind this to you during your consultation.


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